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Vani-Tea (60ml)

Vani-Tea (60ml)

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Deep in the Altai Mountains in Mongolia grows one of the most beautiful trees on Earth. A tree so beautiful, such a spectacle to behold, and so aware of its own beauty, that it allows no other plant to grow near it for fear of distracting from its splendor.  Because of its vanity, regional climbers and residents call it the "Vanitree".  

In addition to its lightly-colored, silky bark and luscious leaves, it is the only tree known to man with a fruit that grows stemless:  Directly from the branch.  With a fruit reminiscent of a peach, leaves used by locals for tea, and a sap of sweet, white cream, it is the rare plant that can be consumed by man, both fruit and tree. When the sap, leaves, and fruit are combined, the result is the glorious, vape-able nectar known only as Vani-Tea.

Primary Flavors:  Peach, Milk, Tea, Vanilla