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Screwbacco (60ml)

Screwbacco (60ml)

$ 25.99

On a chilly fall night, just off a lonesome highway, strawberry met with tobacco and conspired to create something special. No one is sure what their plans or intentions were, but when the moon is high and the stars are bright, you can go out into that field and find a stygian berry hanging from the upper branches of a tobacco plant the locals have dubbed 'Screwbacco.'

Now, there's talk of people who eat the Screwbacco leaves, but it makes quite a mess, and spittoons aren’t terribly portable. Those in the know harvest the berries by the light of the full moon, and put them through a juicer. Then they take that juice and shove it in an ecig.

A touch of strawberry with subtle dessert undertones. A gentle kiss of fine tobacco.

This is Screwbacco.